Urban Snow Clearing


REDLINE proudly offers a snow clearing solution for our urban clients

Hang up your shovel this winter and let us do the heavy work for you. 

Important: Limited Service Coverage Area!

In order to guarantee quality and timeliness we are only offering our season long contracts exclusively to our clients that reside in two of Barrie's northwest end subdivisions and also to those in Stonemanor Woods(Springwater).  Our Barrie subdivisions are located immediately north and south of the Sandy Hollow Buffer(Landfill), on the west side of Ferndale Drive N. For additional reference these two Barrie subdivisons include streets such as:

(North) Cloughley Dr, Benson Dr, Wismer Ave, Hodgson Dr, Northview Cres

(South) Pringle Dr, Sproule Dr,  Ruffet Dr, Bird St, Jagges Dr

Live outside our service coverage area but need a one-time "SOS" or short-term driveway clearing? No problem! Please contact us with your address and driveway size to obtain a quote and schedule an appointment.

Why hire a professional to clear your snow?

Guaranteed service: With an annual snow removal contract, you know a snow removal expert is on the way after every snowfall. You may however need a new excuse for why you were late for work.

Reduce injuries: By choosing a reputable snow removal contractor, you can help prevent injuries to you and your family. Professional snow removal experts have the experience to know how to work safely during even the heaviest winter storms.

Advantages to choosing REDLINE to clear your snow

Consistency & Reliability: Our dedicated team will use the best tools and equipment to make sure your snow will be cleared quickly and efficiently after every snowfall. We are also fully licensed and insured.

We are your Neighbors: Our team resides within our service coverage area. We take pride in our community and take that same pride in the work we do for you.

Commercial-Free: We are 100% residential. This means you are our #1. You will never be forced to wait for a giant commercial plaza or condo parking lot to be cleared first. 



-Single width, double length driveways: $449.95* +HST

-Double width, double length driveways: $549.95* +HST


-Single width, double length driveways: $39.95* +HST

-Double width, double length driveways: $49.95* +HST

-Clearing of walkway/stairs:  $19.95* +HST

PLEASE NOTE: Availability limited as priority will be given to season long contract holders


*FREE no obligation quotes are available

*Payment options available for season long contracts


Q. How much snow needs to fall for you to clear my driveway?

A. Our minimum requirement is 5CM. That's approximately 2 inches.

Q.  If it snows throughout the day, how many times will you clear my driveway?

A.  We will make up to 3 visits to your home in a day. First between 3-8a, second after the snowplow goes by and third between 2-6p or 6-10p, depending on the time that the snowfall stops. 

Q. What happens if I have a vehicle parked in my driveway?

A. No problem, our skilled operator will clear as close to your vehicle as safely possible. 

Q.  I do not have a wide front yard, where will you plow the snow if we get too much?

A.  We will not be using a plow. We have a state of the art rear mounted snowblower that can precisely place the snow off to the side of your driveway which also eliminates chance of damage to your lawn.