Mobile Tire Changeover


REDLINE proudly offers a mobile solution to changeover your seasonal tires

Our Certified Automotive Tire Service Technician (ATST) will come to your residence, workplace or another approved location within Barrie and changeover your summer or winter tires.     

How does it work? It's as simple as 1-2-3!

1.  Confirm your summer or winter tires are already mounted on their own set of rims.

2.  Contact us and book one of our available appointments that is convenient for you. 


3.  Carry on with your day while we professionally perform the tire changeover process. 

Advantages to choosing REDLINE for your tire changeover

Mobile   We come to you. No more having to arrange a shuttle ride or alternate transportation.

Convenient   Prompt appointments with early and extended hours during peak season. No more waiting days or even weeks for an appointment. No more wasted time sitting in uncomfortable waiting areas. 

Value   Benefit from over 20 years of automotive service experience. Receive a complimentary multipoint inspection of your vehicle.  Spend your time doing what matters most to you.


RATE:   $59.95 +HST  

-SAVE 10% if you have 2 or more vehicles in need of a changeover*

-SAVE 10% if you and a neighbour/coworker have 2 or more vehicles combined in need of a changeover*

*Discount applicable when 2 or more vehicles are being serviced at the same time & location

-Tire Storage is available for an additional fee.

Service to Angus, Thornton, Oro, Midhurst, Stroud & other parts of Innisfil may be available. 

Please contact us for details. 

Book Now & Save 10%

Why wait for the Spring rush? 

Book your April or May appointment before March 31st and save 10%!! 

Do You Need New Summer Tires?

Were you informed in the Fall that your summer tires were worn low? Were you slipping and sliding on wet roads last summer? Are your summer tires more than 8 years old? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you likely need new summer tires. 

Did you know that REDLINE now proudly offers a wide range of name brand summer and winter tires?  We can come pick up your wheels & worn tires ahead of your appointment, we'll install new tires of your choice onto your wheels and then bring them with us to your appointment for installation onto your vehicle!  Super Convenient!


Q.  What do you mean when you say "tires must already be mounted on rims"?

A.  The term mounted refers to a tire which is already properly installed and balanced onto a rim. In other words, you must have two separate sets of rims and tires, one set for summer, one set for winter. 

Q.  Do you provide this service for tires that are not already on their own rims?

A.  Unfortunately not, mounting and balancing a tire onto a rim requires two special pieces of equipment which are not really designed to be mobile or frequently moved from place to place.

Q.  What if I have my tires are already stored at a dealership (or other tire shop)?

A.  No problem! We will happily pick them up for you ahead of time.