Tire Storage


REDLINE proudly offers a tire storage solution for our changeover clients

Your wheels and tires will be safety transported to our storage facility, cleaned and properly stored.

Why store your tires?

1.   Free up valuable space in your garage, garden shed or storage locker.

2.   Eliminate heavy lifting or awkward handling of your tires.

3.   No loading or unloading needed, so you and your vehicle's interior stay clean and dry.

Advantages to choosing REDLINE for your tire storage

Confidence   You receive a complete tire analysis to ensure reliability and safety.

Comfort   Your tires are cleaned and properly stored to avoid unnecessary aging or deterioration.

Convenience   No need to bring your vehicle to us, because we'll bring your tires to you.


$59.95 +HST  

(Storage term is up to 8 months to allow for early installations and delayed removals) 


Q.  What if my tires are already stored at a dealership (or other tire shop)?

A.  No problem! We will happily pick them up for you ahead of time.

Q.  How will I know that I am getting my same tires back after storage?

A.  We clearly identify and inventory your tires as soon as they are removed from your vehicle. 

Coming Soon!

Why wait until the snow flies again to replace those worn out winter tires?

Our future plans include new off-season tire sales and rebalancing of your stored tires. Stay tuned.