Lawn & Yard Care


REDLINE proudly offers several different lawn and yard care solutions

We have a selection of lawn and yard care packages and individual services to meet your needs & budget.

Why hire a professional to care for your lawn and yard?

Save Time:  The average Canadian spends 65 hours a year maintaining their lawn - almost 8 full working days! Hiring a professional is well worth it, especially if you already find yourself short on free time. 

Save Money:  Costs of fertilizer, grass seed, topsoil, mulch, delivery fees, fuel, rental fees, equipment and maintenance can all quickly add up. It would be expensive and inconvenient for you to pay for all of these necessary lawn and yard care items individually.

Advantages to choosing REDLINE for your lawn and yard care

Consistency  Your lawn will be maintained on schedule. No need to worry about your schedule or finding the time. Our keen eye for detail will have your lawn looking perfectly manicured every time.


Dedication   Our "turf" is residential, so your lawn will never be pushed aside for big commercial clients. 

Our Team   Professional, presentable & passionate.  Our friendly uniformed crew arrives in REDLINE branded vehicles using reliable and proven equipment to achieve the desired results. We take great pride in our work and treat every property like it was our own.

Package/Contract Rates (15% savings over our single service visit rates)

KICK START $269.95* +HST (includes 2 visits, approx 2 weeks apart)

-Spring Cleanup

-Core aeration


-Topsoil dressing

-Grass seed application

-Yard waste bagged for your municipal pick up (up to 1 bag, additional bags $3.95 each)

SILVER  $109.95* +HST per month (6 month contract May-Oct)

-Weekly mowing, trimming and blowing for entire season

-2 fertilizer applications (Spring & Fall)

GOLD  $139.95* +HST per month (6 month contract May-Oct)

Includes Silver package plus:

-Core aeration (Spring)

-Dethatching (Spring or Mid/late Summer)

-Spring Cleanup

-Weekly major weeding of gardens 

-Yard waste bagged for your municipal pick up (up to 1 bag, additional bags $3.95 each)

PLATINUM $169.95* +HST per month (6 month contract May-Oct)

Includes Silver and Gold packages plus:

-Topsoil dressing (Spring)

-Grass seed application (Spring)

-Mulch application to flower gardens and tree beds (Early Summer)

-Fall Cleanup

-Yard waste removed for proper disposal 

*PRICES ARE STARTING FROM.   Advertised price based on an average city-sized property.  

*FREE no obligation quotes are available.

*Additional fee applicable for pet clean up.

Single Service Visit Rates

MOW & TRIM                          $24.95*


CORE AERATION                    $49.95*

DE-THATCHING                      $59.95*

TOP DRESSING & SEED        $159.95*


MULCH APPLICATION          $79.95*

PET CLEAN UP                       $49.95*

YARD WASTE REMOVAL       $5.95* / per bag

*PRICES ARE STARTING FROM.   Advertised price based on an average city sized town/link home lot.  

*FREE no obligation quotes are available.

*Additional fee applicable for pet clean up.

*Plus HST


Q.  What is included in a Spring or Fall cleanup?

A.  A Spring cleanup includes removing twigs, branches or other debris that collected over the winter. We tidy flower and tree beds and rake the lawn. A Fall cleanup is similar, with of course the addition of those beautiful fallen leaves. Cleanups include bagging up to 1 bag of yard waste for your municipal pickup. Additional yard waste bags and yard waste removal are available for an additional fee. 

Q.  What is the benefit to aerating my lawn?

A.  Aeration helps relieve soil compaction, improves stress/drought tolerance and allows your grass to grow deeper roots all while making better use of water and fertilizer.

Q.  Will I have a set day each week that my lawn will be mowed?

A.  Yes you will. If rain is forecasted on your day, we may have to mow the day before or the day after.

Q.  What is thatch or de-thatching and why should I be concerned about it?

A.  Thatch is the layer of dead and decaying plant tissue located between the soil surface and the green vegetation.  A thatch layer of half an inch or more prevents air, light and water from reaching the turf’s root zone.  Removal of excess thatch(de-thatching) also helps protect against harmful insects & disease.